A light touch therapy which facilitates the body’s own wisdom and self healing, enabling you to connect to the true essence of your being. The space where deep healing can happen spontaneously.
Emotions are a form of energy and without an outlet or way to transform themselves they can become trapped in the body.  Every cell in the body has a memory and through our life’s experiences, emotional pain, cultural beliefs, restraints and conditioning we accumulate blockages which keep us stuck in patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us preventing us from living our full authentic potential.

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The purpose of yoga is to integrate body, mind, spirit and heart.  

The breath is the bridge between body, mind and spirit.  

Yoga goes much deeper than a physical practice, flexibility, connecting you to your true Self and awakening your own inner wisdom.  

When you practice regularly with awareness, tensions leave the body and it’s original state and balance is re-established.  

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A safe space to express and honour your feelings - a process of alchemy and release, that loosens self protective energetic layers that once served to insulate you from hurt and perceived attack but that now, in this moment in your life function only as a fortress to obscure the luminous openness of your heart.

This reflective discussion truly honours your own inner wisdom, and throughout the session we will work intuitively responding to the flow of what is arising within our experience.  

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Cranial Sacral Therapy
Yoga, Breathing, Relaxation  and Meditation
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