Cancellation Policy

To cancel treatments/sessions, you must give me a minimum of 48 hours written notice. If your session is not filled then full payment will be required.
To cancel retreats a minimum of 30 days notice is required. If your space is not filled then the full fee will be payable if not cancelled within the 30 days notice period.
Hire of house for group Retreats. 60 days notice will be required in relation to house bookings. A deposit of half will be required to reserve the booking and the final payment will be due 60 days prior to commencement of your Retreat. There will also be a List of House Guidelines which will ask you to agree to prior to booking. A refundable deposit of £500 required is also required.

House Guidelines

This is my home space as well as my retreat space so please treat it with the due respect you would expect in your own home.

Strictly no smoking in or around the house. Shoes off at the door. No alcohol on retreats. No guests and no external therapists. A comprehensive list of guidelines will be sent prior to booking confirmation.


When participating in anything I offer I expect you to treat myself and others well.
This means taking responsibility for your own life; causing no harm, injury or personal offence. If you have a problem with someone then raise with the person concerned rather than gossip and negativity.

Health, Safety, Security and Insurance

Whilst groups and individuals are staying at the Sacred Garden no outside guests are allowed in the house. This is important for the integrity of the group/individual intentions and privacy whilst staying. This is a home created for the purpose of healing and transformation. Please respect this.

Personal Responsibility

Please read everything carefully before participating in what I offer.
It is your responsibility, regarding written communication including what is on the website.

Disclaimer & Legal Waiver

Treatments, mentoring sessions and retreats can bring things up to the surface for clearing which have long been held in the body and during this process there can be symptoms such as headaches, emotional release, aches in the body and a time of detoxification/purification through the body.

It is your own responsibility to administer self care, be gentle and kind to yourself at these times and this will ease the clearing process.

Please consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions concerning you prior to commencing retreats.


While subscribed to my mailing list, if you make zero opens in any one 3 month period I will unsubscribe you.
All communications are confidential and will not be shared with any third party or organisation.

Using This Website

This site is a live document and is continually being updated. Please check regularly for the latest information. Your continued use of this site after a change is your acceptance of that change. Further, your access and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of all site content, effective from the date of first use. I may revise a page at any time without notice. Please regularly check the site.

Original painting Jennifer Smith

Original painting by Jennifer Smith