The standard "Rose Retreat" is intended for those who wish to engage in a period of inner reflection. An extended time period where you can focus your attention towards the depth of your inner experience. Cultivating and establishing connection with the source of your own essence and inner wisdom can bring clarity and insight, allowing you to purify and liberate from self limiting patterns and behaviours.

“Silence is essential for deep transformation”

The retreats will include periods of silence, morning yoga and evening group session/meditation.  During your retreat you will be served with a wholesome nutritious and cleansing plant based/ vegetarian foods that are designed to boost your inner healing journey, raise your vibration and increase your light energy.  Menus are seasonal and full of flavour, specifically designed for each retreat.   

Retreats will be maximum of  5  people


Private therapy sessions are NOT included in the cost and will need to be booked in advance.


Bespoke/individual retreats can be arranged if required.

Glastonbury retreat inner experience


“Silence allows a quality of communication beyond the range of sound. It is in silence that hearts speak to each other, space for something deeper than the ego to communicate”


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15 April 2018

“You are a divine treasure in the heart of Glastonbury. You offer a warm welcoming oasis where I feel safe, honoured and nurtured. Your home is a reflection of you in its beauty and authentic grace.It feels so grounding and I loved the opportunity to play with the paints. And Wilton stole my heart instantly, thank you for sharing him.You are both, generous and kind and full of love. You have become a part of the magic of Glastonbury for me and I look forward to returning. Much love, gratitude and friendship" 
Cheryl, Canada

Glastonbury retreat courtyard
 Glastonbury retreat relaxation
Glastonbury retreat mosaic
Glastonbury retreat tree ornament