Glastonbury Retreat therapy
Dove of peace

“Grace is an invincible presence that cannot be bought or sold or traded for.  
It cannot be earned for it is freely given in all circumstances and never withheld.
Her presence most often recognised in divinely appointed times of awakening from individual and collective suffering.
Grace is the space that your soul was birthed in free of any conditions placed upon you for the gift of your eternal life.
Grace is the space where what is ready to return to a natural balance may spontaneously return to that balance without explanation, delay or apology.
Grace is the space in which you may enjoy your sovereign and divine nature.
Grace knows how to end wars that humanity does not know how to end.
Grace knows how to be at peace when humanity does not know how to be at peace with itself.
Grace knows how to forgive what feels unforgivable.
Grace also knows how to love what feels unloveable.
Grace is the sanctuary of space from which quantum solutions arise that end the need for all suffering.
Grace allows for the seemingly impossible to miraculously appear without effort, as a direct revelation of divine love”.
The Sophia Code

Glastonbury Retreat meditation
Glastonbury Retreat butterfly